Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil - 8 ounce & 64-ounce

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil - 8 ounce & 64-ounce

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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil
Ulltra Premium | Ultra Pure | Highly Concentrated

"Of all the sources we've tried, Ancient Minerals is the one that delivers the
fastest, most potent therapeutic benefits."

--Daniel Reid, Best Selling Author 

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, contains only raw, highly concentrated, ultra pure magnesium chloride and other trace minerals drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe. There are no added ingredients except those found naturally occurring in the deep underground deposits from this pristine source. Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil is considered the gold standard by practitioners for rapidly restoring cellular magnesium levels and is easily absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues. One teaspoon contains approximately 560mg of elemental magnesium.

  • #1 most recommended magnesium oil in the world
  • Easy application in a convenient spray
  • Effective at restoring cellular magnesium levels
  • Ultra-pure and highly concentrated
  • Approximately 560mg elemental magnesium per tsp
  • Available in 8oz (237ml) spray and 64oz (1.9L) professional size

What is Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil isn’t really an "oil", but instead was titled as such due to the high saturation of magnesium chloride in water, which presents itself in an "oil-like" texture.

Where Does Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Come From?

Ancient Minerals ultra pure magnesium oil is extracted from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe, 1600 to 2000 meters deep in the interior of the Earth. It is the purest magnesium oil in the world.

How do I use Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil?

Ancient Minerals magnesium oil can be used in one of the following three ways:

1. DIRECTLY ON THE SKIN - The most economical method of applying Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil and offers the most benefits. Also is found to be very effective as a massage oil.

2. WARM BATH - When added to a warm bath, Ancient Minerals provides a relaxing and health enhancing "magnesium soak."

3. FOOT SOAK - When added to a foot soak or bath, Ancient Minerals provides most of the same benefits as a full tub bath.

Some benefits of Ancient Minerals magnesium products include:

  • Restoration of cellular magnesium levels
  • Natural cellular protectant
  • Facilitates safe and effective detoxification
  • Relief of minor aches, pains, spasms
  • Elevation of mood and relieve of stress
  • Encourages healthy skin tissue
  • Helps maintain proper muscle function
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Calms overactive nerves
  • Improves quality of sleep
…and much more 


Application, Usage, and Frequently Asked Questions



1. Sprayed Directly on the Skin. Spraying magnesium oil full strength directly on the skin is the most efficient and economical application, and also happens to offer the most benefits to the user.

Now, this "body spraying" can be approached in a couple of different ways. The first way is what we might call the "Spray n’ go" method, and is done by spraying the magnesium oil on isolated parts of the body such as the thighs, abdomen, arms, etc, with several carefully aimed applications throughout the day, or to areas that are in need (i.e. achy joints, muscle spasms, sore muscles).  At this point, many people choose to leave the magnesium oil on indefinitely, while many more wipe it off with a moist washcloth after 30 or so minutes because they find the residue it leaves on the skin a little uncomfortable. Only you can be the judge of that, as everyone has their own preference.

The second approach to body spraying is more of a "Let’s just be done with it already" method, and if possible, should be your core method. Simply take off all your clothes and give yourself a very liberal coating of the magnesium oil from the neckline down to your ankles, taking time to rub it in thoroughly. Depending on your body size and agility of course, it should take you no less than about 10 minutes and 100 or so sprays to give yourself a good rub-down. A quicker way to apply is just to pour a little out in your hand a slather it on the body such as one would do with sunscreen. Don’t be afraid to spend some time here.

Try to avoid application of the magnesium oil to sensitive parts of the body such as the nipples and genital area. It’s not going to hurt you—it just stings more than most would care for in these sensitive areas. You could apply it to the facial area and scalp, but again, it is a matter of comfort. The Ancient Minerals magnesium oil product is certainly more appropriate for these sensitive areas.

Now that you are naked and thoroughly doused with magnesium oil, find something to do for the next 30 minutes (or longer). Lay some old towels down on your bed, couch, etc, and just relax. At this point, get into the shower and give your body a quick rinse with just water (no soap), and towel dry yourself off.

2. Tub Soak. Adding magnesium oil to a warm bath makes for a very relaxing magnesium soak. How much should you add? That all depends on your needs, but 6 to 8 ounces is a good start, depending on one’s needs and requirements.

3. Foot Soak. Adding magnesium oil to a warm foot soak is another method to consider, and also very convenient. A very popular way to use it is to add it to one of those nifty little heated foot spas. Bubbles, massage… all great, but be sure it keeps the water heated. Of course the obvious method is to throw some very warm water in a basin of some type that can accommodate the feet. How much should you add? Again, it all depends on your needs, but about 4 to 6 ounces is a good start. For any issues one might have with the lower extremities such as the feet, ankles, and legs, this is the preferred method of application.


The "sting factor" only applies to direct body spraying, and yes, we know it can be a tad uncomfortable the first few times you use it. But just think of the good you are doing for yourself? And, like all things, it is something you will become accustomed to. Of course, it really depends on how sensitive your skin is. Some say that it doesn’t sting at all, while others say that it does sting a bit. Again, you would need to be the judge of that. But regardless of which category you may fall into, any stinging or itchiness goes away after you rinse it off. Some users of the magnesium oil choose to dilute it 50/50 with spring water, which helps to considerably reduce the "sting factor," but you also receive half the amount of magnesium per spray than you normally would. Other users of the magnesium oil prefer to focus on tub soaks and foot soaks, which is fine if that is what suits you.


1. Dry Skin Brushing. Without delving into too much detail, dry skin brushing is a skin care technique whereby one utilizes a natural vegetable bristle brush to stimulate and cleanse the skin. Dry skin brushing removes old skin cells, stimulates blood flow to the skin, and stimulates the lymphatic system, among many other things. But for the purposes of this guide, these are the effects that we are most concerned about. Just like the name says, the technique is performed when the skin is dry, and also before showering. Ideally, this technique should be performed every single day for the rest of your life, but at the bare minimum should be done before you use the magnesium oil. This is not a requirement, just a strong suggestion.

2. Massage. Whether it be administered by a professional, your significant other or yourself, massage offers a huge bonus to the application of magnesium oil. Massage stimulates the blood flow to not only the skin, but to the underlying tissues.

3. Taking a Warm Shower. For obvious reasons, taking a warm shower to cleanse the skin of oils, acids, and other elements is a good idea prior to applying the magnesium oil.

What not to do?

1. Don’t apply lotion before using the magnesium oil. 

2. Avoid your eyes, freshly shaved underarms, or freshly shaved face. Avoid getting the concentrated magnesium oil in these areas. It won’t hurt you, but it might sting a bit.


Ideally, for the first 3-4 months you should be using it every day with intensity. A good rule of thumb is use up to 1-2oz per day directly applied to the body. It is advisable to start the first several days with a small amount, and gradually work up to larger amounts. After this initial period, some users feel that they need to use the magnesium oil just as much as they were during the first 3-4 months, while others back off to using the magnesium oil a few times per week. It all depends on the person, as everyone responds differently and with different needs. Stress, diet, etc, all affect cellular magnesium levels, so one would need to take these factors into account and determine their own requirements. If you are engaging in any type of detox protocol, aggressive use of the magnesium oil is certainly recommended.

Actually no, although this is a common misconception. Magnesium "oil" is a coined term for a highly saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water along with other trace elements, which happens to present itself in an oil-like texture due to its hygroscopic nature (attracts water molecules).

Where does Ancient Minerals magnesium come from?

The pristine source for Ancient Minerals magnesium products lies within a deep underground (nearly 2 miles) seabed in Northern Europe, referred to as the Ancient Zechstein Sea. It is extracted from the earth by a process known as solution mining, and it is currently the most coveted source of naturally occurring magnesium chloride on the planet. For more information, please visit

Is the magnesium chloride in Ancient Minerals "Pharmaceutical Grade" or "USP Grade"?

While many manufacturers rely on the phrases “pharmaceutical grade” and “USP Grade” to convey a sense of quality to consumers, one must be familiar with their definition in order to have any true understanding of what this equates to. Both “pharmaceutical grade” and “USP Grade” essentially refer to the same thing – the public standards set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia. While there are several aspects of magnesium chloride that are defined by USP standards, arguably the most important and controversial standard is the maximum allowable heavy metal content (i.e. mercury, cadmium, and lead). After all, this is something that is coming into contact with our skin, and these elements are known toxins (even as low as a single part per million of mercury can have negative effects). In the case of magnesium chloride, the USP standard allows for a maximum heavy metal content of 10 parts per million (ppm). What this equates to for you the consumer, is that manufacturers can casually use the phrase “pharmaceutical grade” without telling you exactly what toxic heavy metals, or at what levels they exist in the finished product – so long as it is below the USP limit. By no means do we consider this to be an acceptable practice, and certainly not a suitable method to represent the purity of Ancient Minerals. And, for that reason, we refer to the “ultra-purity” of Ancient Minerals as being far beyond any pharmaceutical standard that exists in the world, period. We are completely transparent in our efforts to redefine purity, and the lab results are available proudly to all who seek them at

I experience some tingling when I apply the Ancient Minerals magnesium oil or gel. Is this normal?

Some users of the magnesium oil and magnesium gel who have sensitive skin may experience tingling and/or some slight irritation at the site of application due to the high concentration of magnesium chloride. This effect is completely harmless, and can vary based on a number of factors, including where you apply it on the body and how much you are applying. Diluting the magnesium oil 1:1 with pure spring water can reduce this effect, although it is a matter of personal preference. Additionally, those who do experience this effect report that the tingling lessens with each subsequent application.

Will magnesium applied topically produce a laxative effect like oral magnesium supplements?

No, there is no potential for a laxative effect. The laxative effect seen by many users of various oral magnesium supplements is due to an inability of the GI tract to absorb larger quantities of elemental magnesium that are found in dietary supplements, and the consequence is your bowels attempting to flush the unabsorbed excess out.

Why are oral magnesium supplements so difficult to absorb for most people?

There are two primary reasons. The first, is that meaningful quantities of elemental magnesium from dietary supplements have a tendency to create a laxative effect in the majority of users, which reduces transit time through the bowels. There is good evidence to indicate that absorption of magnesium is impaired when the transit time through the bowels is less than 12 hours. Second, is that the percentage of magnesium absorbed is inversely proportionate to the amount of magnesium being consumed in a single dose (i.e. the more you take, the smaller percentage you actually assimilate). These two factors taken together equate to a less-than-efficient method of restoring cellular magnesium levels in the body.

Do I need to shower or rinse the magnesium off after using it?

Rinsing the magnesium oil or magnesium gel off after use is a matter of personal preference, and depends on how much you are applying and where. Typically, the more magnesium oil or gel one uses per application, the more likely it will be that you will want to rinse it off after the 20 minutes or so it takes for your skin to take full advantage of the magnesium.

Are there any precautions for using Ancient Minerals magnesium products?

Avoid using Ancient Minerals magnesium oil near mucus membranes such as the eyes and nose, which can cause some irritation. Also, while applying the magnesium oil and/or gel to broken skin or wounds can be highly therapeutic and cleansing, the high concentration of magnesium salts can cause discomfort.

Is there a maximum daily limit for using Ancient Minerals topically?


Are Ancient Minerals magnesium products safe to use with children?

Most definitely! Ancient Minerals magnesium baths are the preferred application by most parents, and have been used with great success on children as young as 6 months old. They are not only safe, but highly therapeutic and can calm even the most restless young ones.

Are Ancient Minerals magnesium products safe for animals and pets?

Absolutely. Ancient Minerals topical magnesium products are just as effective on animals and pets as they are on humans. In fact, our magnesium gel and magnesium oil is used in natural and alternative veterinary clinics around the world for everything from wound care, to general health maintainance.

How does Ancient Minerals compare with other topical magnesium products on the market?

Ancient Minerals magnesium products are produced with very strict quality standards, from the purity of the raw ingredients to the production of the finished product. Other manufacturers utilize inferior forms of magnesium from impure ocean deposits and contaminated inland water sources. Ancient Minerals topical magnesium products are recommended by healthcare professionals the world over, and the only topical magnesium brand recommended by Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, author of the book Transdermal Magnesium Therapy.

Is Ancient Minerals topical magnesium beneficial for detoxification?

Magnesium is not only beneficial, but essential! The body utilizes alkaline minerals such as magnesium to process cellular debris and counteract elevated uric acid production when combating a detox reaction. In addition, if there is not an adequate amount of magnesium for combating the detox reaction, it will remove the magnesium from the bones and body for this purpose. Studies have shown that magnesium is one of the most commonly deficient nutrients in the chemically toxic individual. People who tend to retain chemical and heavy metal toxins were observed to excrete a high amount of magnesium in their urine, and have problems maintaining adequate magnesium levels. Most importantly, magnesium shields our cells from heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium and nickel, which rationalizes why we so desperately need magnesium for heavy metal detoxification. Magnesium, for the most part, is indispensable for the survival of our cells, but takes on additional significance in the age of toxicity where our systems are being overrun on a daily basis with heavy metals.

There is escalating evidence that low levels of magnesium plays a role in the deposition of heavy metals that may have accumulated in brain tissue. In fact, the cause and solution of numerous physical maladies can be as easy as correcting a magnesium deficiency. In addition, many of the difficulties with mercury chelation can be reduced when the subject is administered sufficient magnesium. Most information associated with chelation will tell you that chelating wastes minerals and yet very little investigation has been done into the critical mineral whose loss cannot be tolerated without unacceptable risk. Magnesium is vital for phase one detoxification and along with other minerals such as zinc, dislodges toxic heavy metals from the body. The bottom line is that magnesium is a fundamental factor in the natural self-cleansing and detoxification responses of the body. According to Doctor Frederica P. Perera, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and Director of the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health, there is a 500-fold difference in the ability of each person to detoxify the same exact toxin. One of the main indicators - is each individual's level of magnesium.


Magnesium Chloride - The Master Magnesium Compound

Magnesium, like other minerals of definitive nutritional value, occurs as various inorganic and organic forms in nature and with varying degrees of efficiency in human biochemistry. And yet, while magnesium remains undeniably therapeutic to the human body in its own right, much is left unsaid to address the type and quality of magnesium being utilized to provide the user with recognizable benefits. Magnesium oil, liquid magnesium, and magnesium spray – all names which invariably refer to a concentrated solution of magnesium chloride, recognized by many medical professionals as the “Master Magnesium Compound” for both dietary and topical use.

Why Magnesium Chloride?

According to Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, author of the Magnesium Miracle and world renowned expert on magnesium therapy, magnesium chloride and other inorganic magnesium salts occur as metal-ligand complexes. These metal-ligand compounds are assigned a value, called a stability constant, which can range from less than one, into the teens. Essentially, the stability constant of a metal-ligand complex defines its relative ability to dissociate into ionic form (e.g. free magnesium and chloride ions). The closer the stability constant is to zero, the more soluble the complex is, and the more easily the complex can break down into ionic form for bioavailability. After all, we are not assimilating magnesium as the magnesium chloride compound, but rather, as free magnesium and chloride ions. Magnesium chloride has a stability constant of zero, allowing it to be totally ionized across a wide pH range, from a low pH of 2 to 3 as one would find in stomach acid, to as high as the slightly alkaline physiologic pH of 7.4 (the pH of the main extracellular body fluids such as serum and lymph).1 Of notable importance, is that the natural pH of the skin mantle is a mildly acidic 4.5 to 6, creating an ideal environment for total ionization of magnesium chloride, and optimal uptake into underlying tissues when used as a transdermal magnesium therapy.

As for the success of magnesium chloride as an oral supplement, the benefits are admirable. Many researchers advocate magnesium chloride as the most effective form for dietary supplementation, in part due to the vital role that chloride has in the production of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach. Magnesium chloride has enough extra chloride to increase production of gastric acid, thereby enhancing absorption and assimilation of this critical mineral, and overall digestive efficiency. This is of key importance, because as we age, production of HCL in the stomach declines, often dramatically, and is almost always left undiagnosed. Some people simply do not produce enough HCL due to various health implications and disorders that affect the stomach, while others do not produce enough HCL for reasons unknown. And, while there are many potential problems that could arise from steadily declining secretions of gastric acid in the stomach, a lack of sufficient HCL certainly equates to mal-absorption of vitamins and minerals, a failure in proper digestion, and an increased susceptibility to unwanted bacteria, viruses, and yeasts passing through the gut. The additional chloride offered from oral magnesium chloride supplementation creates an ideal environment for assimilation, not only of magnesium, but of other critical micronutrients.

Shortfalls in Oral Magnesium Supplements

Oral magnesium presents unique challenges for many individuals to effectively restore intracellular magnesium levels. Usage of poorly ionized forms of magnesium could be one factor to blame – a study in 2001 indicated that magnesium oxide, an inexpensive magnesium complex included in popular dietary supplements could have a fractional absorption in the gut as small as 4 percent. If one was to ingest the commonly recommended (albeit modest) adult dosage of 300-400mg elemental magnesium per day, this would equate to a usable dosage of only 12-16mg. And yet, realistic absorption rates from oral magnesium supplements are rarely taken into account when dosages recommendations are given.

Inconsistencies in bioavailability from one form of magnesium to the next remains a concern, but nearly all magnesium supplements share a common tendency to create a laxative effect in the bowels. The effect of different magnesium compounds on bowel motility and stool softness is further amplified with the quantity ingested in a single dose. The higher any single dosage, the greater the potential to cause diarrhea, thereby reducing transit time through the bowels.

Depth and Scope of Application

A quick search of PubMed will yield thousands of scientific studies highlighting the benefits of various magnesium compounds in human biochemistry. From migraines and pain management, to depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and memory, magnesium has clearly demonstrated enormous versatility as a healing mineral. However, magnesium chloride has expressed unique characteristics above and beyond the scope of other inorganic magnesium salts that are of special interest. As discovered in 1915 by French surgeon Pierre Delbet, M.D., the application of a magnesium chloride solution to external wounds had favorable effects over leucocytic activity and phagocytosis, making it ideal for wound cleansing. Dr. Delbet also discovered that oral magnesium chloride was a powerful immuno-stimulant, exhibiting a broad tonic effect on the host. Thirty years later, another French doctor, A. Neveu, M.D., utilized magnesium chloride orally for a broad spectrum of disorders benefiting from the immune bolstering effects that magnesium chloride offered.3

Expert Opinions

“The form of magnesium which the human metabolic system recognizes and assimilates most readily is magnesium chloride, the same form contained in seawater, but very few nutritional supplements on the market today include this type of magnesium. And the simple secret to the proper administration and optimum assimilation of magnesium is to apply it topically, i.e. via the skin, not as an oral supplement.”

- Daniel Reid, leading authority on Eastern Medicine, and author of The Tao of Detox

“The therapeutic value of magnesium as a transdermal application reaches well beyond the potential of dietary
magnesium. Transdermal therapy effectively saturates the tissues, delivering high amounts of magnesium to where we need it most, directly into circulation.”

- Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, author of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy

“A very exciting addition to the magnesium family is a product loosely referred to as magnesium oil. It’s not actually an oil at all, but a super saturated solution of magnesium chloride. Magnesium oil can be sprayed or rubbed on the body, and is readily absorbed through the skin. It helps to greatly increase the amount of magnesium in body tissues and overcomes the problems that some people have with loose stools when they try to take enough magnesium to meet their needs. This can be especially important in cases of severe magnesium deficiency that were only treatable with IV magnesium before magnesium oil came along.”

- Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D., author of the The Magnesium Miracle


1. Dean, C. (2007). The Magnesium Miracle. Ballantine Books.

2. Eby, G. (2006, October 26). Stability Constants of Various Metal Chelates. Retrieved February 2, 2009, from George Eby Research:

3. Gupta, C. (2005, September 15). Magnesium Chloride In Acute And Chronic Diseases. Retrieved February 9, 2009, from New Media Explorer:

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