TheraSauna Premier Corner Unit

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TheraSauna Premier Corner Unit

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TheraSauna Premier - Corner Unit
Dry Infrared Health Sauna

Ideal for Small Groups, Health Spas and Wellness Clinics, or for those who who prefer the "built in" look of a corner unit. 
This beautiful sauna will easily accomodate three to four people!

Check out the OPTIONAL Salt Floor Bricks!


What Is Far-Infrared Heat?

Infrared heat is light that is produced by the sun. This is the same heat that is felt penetrating the skin when you stand in the sun - and the same heat that is missed when you walk into the shade. Infrared energy is also emitted as body heat.

The human body can also absorb or take-in infrared heat. Infrared energy is always measured in wavelengths as microns. The human body best absorbs infrared energy which is in the 3- to 50-micron range, with the best absorption happening at 9.4 microns. TheraSauna TheraMitters emit infrared heat in the 7- to 14-micron range with a peak output at 9.4 microns, which is the exact same as the human body, allowing easier ability to absorb. This more efficient absorption also means that the infrared heat penetration goes deeper into body tissues than the traditional hot air saunas - in fact, up to an inch-and-a-half.

Clinical studies indicate that the benefits from Far Infrared heat include detoxification and toxin removal, pain relief for sprains, strains, arthritis and over-worked muscles, burns calories and helps certain skin conditions such as acne, eczema, burns and cuts.

Patented Ceramic TheraMitters

Patented TheraMitters warm the body - not the air as most conventional saunas do. TheraMitters are ceramic heating elements which operate with a 96% efficiency, reaching their maximum output in five to six minutes. Other saunas use a radiant heater sheathed in a metal tube that has a radiant efficiency of only 50%. TheraMitters not only absorb and maintain radiant heat to exacting temperatures but also have an operating life of over 10,000 hours. Theramitters also bring an added bonus of a limited lifetime warranty.

Patented Soft Touch Control

TheraSauna soft-touch digital controls incorporate solid-state controls with timers. Each control is heat, humidity, and water-resistant. Premier models are also now available with an upgraded programmable controller. See the product pages for more information on these exclusive controllers!

Energy Efficient

At the heart of the TheraSauna is the TheraHeat system of heaters and patented, solid-state digital controls. The controls regulate the level and temperature of infrared waves emitted by the ceramic heaters. The TheraHeat system has a radiant efficiency of 96% - the highest efficiency available.

Built with Non-Toxic Wood For Your Safety

TheraSauna portable units are handcrafted of 100% clear, non-toxic Aspen which provides for years of durability and beauty. Other saunas are made from cedar and redwood which contain a volatile oil called Cedrene. When these woods are heated it toxic gases are created that are inhaled and absorbed through the skin. TheraSauna's non-toxic Aspen wood gives off little or no toxins.

TheraSauna Specifics

  62" X 62" X 35 1/2" X 37 1/2" X 74"
Voltage:  120 volt, standard household outlet.
TheraMitters: 12
Soft Touch Controls: Standard Soft Touch control panel, or optional Programmable control

Important Features

Easy-to-Assemble Handcrafted Cabinet
Ergonomic, Contoured Back Rest
Reversible Bench Seat
Full Tempered Glass Door
Plugs into any 120 volt/15 amp outlet
Non-toxic wood construction
60-watt light with Dimmer
Skylight Vent
Three Full Length Glass Windows

OAW Offers the Following Optional Upgrades

Perimeter Lighting
Programmable Control
LCD 7-inch TV/DVD Player
AM/FM Stereo CD player
Four Person Cover
Salt Floor Bricks

About TheraSauna with Salt Floor bricks

Thera Saunas with natural salt floor tiles are the exact same as the regular TheraSauna FIR sauna units, handcrafted in the USA of 100% clear, non-toxic Aspen. With the option of Salt Brick Floors you get the added benefit of a natural salt, beneficial negative ions, anti bacterial and anti microbial floor for healthy lungs, immune system and skin.

Our saunas are easily put together in under an hour. Full support is available from OAW. Natural salt bricks for the floors and a cork underlayment are sent separate; no tools are required for the salt floors. Our Salt Saunas are perfect for individual use, Spas and Wellness Centers and Chiropractic Offices. Every Farinfrared TheraSauna with Natural Salt Floors is proudly hand made in the U.S.  Since TheraSauna recently passed its 40th anniversary, you can be assured that their vast research, quality and experience with FIR Saunas means they'll be around to support and back-up their products for decades to come. 


What Doctors Are Saying

I have practiced general surgery and cancer surgery for over 25 years. With regard to my surgical patients, I tell them when they have recovered from their surgery, that their work has just begun. I remind them that their two most important questions should be: 'Why did I get this?' and 'What will keep it from returning?'. I don't profess to have all the answers. However there are sound principles of foundational health that I have employed with patients and have been pleased with the results. These include stress reduction, diet, exercise, rest, supplements, elimination, and detoxification.

Detoxification is critical due to the increasing amounts of toxins in our diet and environment. This includes fat-soluble toxins, such as PCBs and hexane, and toxic minerals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium. Part of my suggested program for toxin removal is the use of infrared sauna therapy. I have personally seen people recover from a multitude of problems including insomnia, constipation, fibromyalgia, allergies, chronic infections, arthritis, and fatigue after a few weeks of sauna therapy. In addition, I have seen mercury levels (as measured in the blood) drop 400% in less than a month. In conclusion, I believe that infrared sauna is safe and effective detoxification therapy which is of value to most everyone, regardless of age.

Dr. Leonard Smith, M.D. Gainesville, FL

My medical practice specializes in alternative and nutritional medicine. Many different therapies are used; however, our primary focus is detoxification, nutritional counseling, and support. Today's modern world has caused new environmental issues, thus increasing the number of pollutants and toxins that are inhaled, ingested, or absorbed into our cells and tissues. Cells often become overwhelmed with toxins, therefore increasing the patient's risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other immune disorders. The body's cells must receive proper nutrients and expel these harmful toxins to fight disease and function optimally. In my private practice each assessment starts with evaluation, counseling, and nutritional support, followed by my "Toxic Relief" program which includes toxin screenings, cleansing diet, fasting, chelation of heavy metals and TheraSauna treatments. The infrared therapy of the TheraSauna stimulates the cellular metabolism and breaks up the water molecules that hold toxins within the body, thus allowing the body to void these toxins through perspiration. These treatments combined with a customized diet and nutritional program have vastly improved, restored and rejuvenated many of my patients at the cellular level. Therefore, allowing them to feel better and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Don Colbert, M.D. Longwood, FL


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