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Whole Herb Harmful Organism & Parasite Defense
Dietary Supplement | 100% Alcohol Free | Made Using “Genuine TincTract®" Technology
Water-soluble Polycolloidal Liquid Trace Mineral Base

Harmful Organisms. A Hidden Concern. Are they in You?

“These masked marauders mimic other diseases, so they are often misdiagnosed.
Without proper detection and treatment, parasites can linger in the body
wreaking havoc for up to 30 years.”
--Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS,
author of Guess What Came to Dinner (Avery, 1993)

In our modern society, we like to think that we are immune to such repulsive things as invasive harmful organisms, but invasive organisms don’t care who we are or where we live. Increases in world-wide travel, importation of foods, personal pets, weakened immune systems, weakened digestive systems and other factors and parasitic concerns have become more rampant for children and adults alike. As a result, intestinal harmful organism concerns occur in most people at some point in their lives.

It is estimated that 90% of the population carries at least one form of parasite in the body.  These parasites can include ringworm, roundworms, tapeworms, microbial growth and their eggs. It is likely that the most common source of parasites is contaminated water and contaminated food.  Toxic organisms can be found in tap water, contaminated bottled water, hot tubs, rivers and streams, saunas and swimming pools. Unfortunately, chlorine does not kill most types of these organisms and many are able to escape common water filtering systems.

According to researchers at the Center for the Advancement of Health, undercooked meat is the main risk factor for parasite infection by an invader called toxoplasma. Infection by this protozoan is called toxoplasmosis, and can lead to brain damage, birth defects and brain inflammation in a mother and her fetus. Most people carrying this parasite are unaware of it. It will often infect lymph nodes but can spread to the eyes and brain. About 35 million people in the United States are chronically infected with toxoplasma. (Science, 1/17/03)  This disgusting parasite can also be found in cat litter. To avoid parasites in your food, be very cautious when consuming raw, undercooked or cured meats or unwashed, raw fruits and vegetables.

Farm animals, houseflies and mosquitoes can also carry and pass parasites onto humans. Diligent hand washing should be practiced after handling animals. Parasites are proficient survivors. Some actually fool the body into thinking they are a normal part of our tissues or organs. Other parasites secrete a fat that impedes the immune response. Parasites also give off their own metabolic wastes which are damaging to the immune system. Candida albicans, a fungus, secretes an acid that can damage the mucosal lining of the digestive tract which then allows the organism to puncture the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream.

“Every living thing has at least one parasite that lives inside or on it, and many, including
humans, have far more. …Scientists…are only just beginning to discover exactly
how powerful these hidden inhabitants can be, but their research is pointing to a
remarkable possibility: Parasites may rule the world.  The notion that tiny creatures
 we've largely taken for granted are such a dominant force is immensely disturbing. …
We are collections of cells that work together, kept harmonized by chemical signals.
 If an organism can control those signals — an organism like a parasite — then it can control us.
And therein lies the peculiar and precise horror of parasites.”
--Discover Magazine – August 2000

Introducing ParaPure™

ParaPure™ is a potent whole-herb formula. ParaPure™ contains three main ingredients which helps to establish an unfertile environment for harmful organisms: Wormwood, Cloves and Black Walnut Hull plus other organic and/or wild-crafted herbs that are known to assist the body in the elimination of dangerous organisms.  ParaPure™ also aides the body’s natural defense system. 

One 2-ounce bottle of ParaPure™ contains enough tincture for 3-4 Parasite Cleanses, each lasting approximately 14 days, using average dosage levels. ParaPure™ is strong and very concentrated.

Take the Harmful Organism Self-Test

  • Do you experience unexplained muscle aches and pains? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you experience normal bowel movements with bouts of intermittent diarrhea or constipation?
    YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you have unexplained weight loss and/or fever? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you have a distended belly? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you grind your teeth while you sleep? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you have dark circles under your eyes and/or acne? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you have insomnia or disturbed sleep? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Have you traveled outside of the United States? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you regularly eat unpeeled raw fruit and/or vegetables? YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

  • Do you have pets that sleep in bed with you or do you eat after contact with your pets?
    YES NO (YES = 1 NO = 0)

TOTAL SCORE - A score of 3 or higher indicates you may be suffering from harmful organism invaders. 

What are the ingredients in ParaPure™?

ParaPure™ is a tincture that has as its base Kosher Vegetable Glycerin along with purified (pH neutral) spring water and Liquid Trace Minerals.

ParaPure contains the following concentrated herbs:

Black Walnut Hull (the green hull, before it turns black, contains the parasicide) – The ancient Greeks and Romans used Black Walnut Hull to encourage intestinal health and favorable microbial activity. Asian cultures have also used the green hull to help encourage cleansing of the intestinal tract. It is the elevated tannin content of the Black Walnut Hull that is primarily responsible for its beneficial properties; although other constituents such as  juglandin, juglone, and juglandic acid are also involved. Black Walnut Hull is also believed to oxygenate the blood, which then creates a state that is considered very unfavorable to invasive organisms. The green husk also contains organic iodine. Iodine is known to contain properties that will help to produce an intestinal environment very hostile to harmful bacteria. Black Walnut has been used to encourage healthy sugar levels, to help melt away fatty materials, and to detoxify the digestive tract. Black Walnut is also helpful for maintaining an internal condition that is adverse to fungi.

Wormwood (Artemisia absynthium, dry leaves at their silver/gray-green prime) - Historically, Wormwood has been used as an intestinal cleanser and a medicinal herb. References to Wormwood date back as far as 1600 BC in Egypt. In ParaPure™, wormwood helps to create an extremely unfavorable environment for parasites. It also promotes a healthy digestive tract and improved secretions of the liver and gallbladder. Wormwood includes up to 90% ascaridol,  which is a very useful ingredient to help create a hostile environment to would-be intestinal invaders.

Cloves - Contains therapeutic, anti-microbial properties; helps eliminate intestinal spasms and gas.  Current research has focused on the broad-spectrum antifungal abilities of clove. Studies also indicate that its compounds, especially eugenol, have the strongest effect against pathogenic yeast strains, including Candida albicans.  Additionally, this incredibly strong compound works against vaginal and oral candidiasis. It's believed to have natural detoxifying qualities and to help promote an environment hostile to harmful intestinal bacteria.

English Lavender Blossom - Has a relaxing, nervine quality. It has a strong antiseptic-based antiparasitic quality and also cuts bloating and acrid belching. There are many different species of lavender in the world, but perhaps the truest of the “true” (Lavandula angustifolia) is English Lavender. The genus, angustifolia, grows all over the world, and most experts will tell you that it is the lavender of choice, when compared to the other species.Lavender oil contains up to 40% linalyl acetate and 30% linalol. Linalol is a terpene alcohol that is non-toxic to humans, yet naturally antimicrobial. Linalyl acetate, its acetic ester, has a pleasant, sweet, fruity, aroma which along with its antimicrobial properties makes lavender unique. Other constituents of the oil are cineol, pinene, limonene, geraniol, borneol and some tannin. Lavender oil is antispasmodic, dispels flatulence and is a useful vermifuge.

Orange Peel – (Citrus sinensis), a digestive aid and anti-fungal with aromatic qualities known to have antiparasitic qualities. It is rich in citricbased flavonoids, contains saponins (detergent-like agents) with antiseptic action, and has a gentle immune stimulating quality.

Garlic clove - Traditionally used as an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiparasitic; boosts the immune system

Male Fern Root - According to history, Male Fern Root has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb to promote digestive health and as an aid in cleansing bodily systems. Researchers have determined the oil of the male fern root contains the chemicals filicin, filmarone, and oleoresin. These chemicals help establish an intestinal environment that is toxic and debilitating to certain intestinal invaders helping promote digestive health.

Organic Turmeric Root –  (Curcuma longa) Ayurvedic herb that provides potent antioxidant action that reduces inflammation, has potent antioxidant, and free radical scavenging action. Supports cellular health, aids in recovery by stimulating the immune system’s B cells and T cells, helps balance cholesterol levels, improve blood vessel health, supports liver and gallbladder.

Organic Yellow Dock Root - (Rumex crispus) is an effective blood conditioner and toner. High in all major minerals, including iron and manganese, vitamins A and C. Especially supportive of the liver. Helps reduce iron deficiency through its blood conditioning effect. This cleansing, blood conditioning herb is diuretic, stimulates bile flow and clears toxins.

Pumpkin Seed - Effective against several types of parasites, including tapeworm. Pumpkin seed is also an excellent source of essential fatty acids.  Also has anti-inflammatory properties.  Effective for kidney and bladder concerns.  Pumpkin seeds also contain phytosterols which are compounds proven to reduce LDL cholesterol and protect against many cancers.

mB!™ - (microburst) is a proprietary, micro-fractionated liquid trace mineral supplement made using the exclusive CBN™ Citritol™ process to enrich and assist important enzymatic processes.

Recommendations While Taking ParaPure™

Diet – Keeping the bowel in an alkaline state is suggested while taking ParaPure™. To accomplish this eliminate the following: refined sugar, non-organic dairy, wheat, meat, fish, and poultry. These foods are acidic in nature and parasites thrive on them. We recommend lots of raw organic fruits and vegetables (thoroughly wash them first) and consuming half of your body weight in ounces of clean, purified water every day.

Digestive Tract - When toxins and waste material build up in the colon, the risk of parasites is increased. The very first step in lowering this risk is the prompt elimination of these wastes. Using Oxy-Powder 2 to 3 times a week while taking ParaPure™ will accomplish this. Because of Oxy-Powder's melting effect on compacted fecal matter, the use of ParaPure™ along with Oxy-Powder will advance the safe removal of toxins and any parasites that may be hiding in waste material within the digestive tract.

Probiotic (Friendly Bacteria) – Using an effective probiotic such as Latero-Flora™ is recommended in order to promote immune health which is affected by the digestive system, to assist friendly intestinal flora, and to promote the body's natural healing of the bowel. 


Net Content: 2 fluid ounces (59.2 ml) – amber glass bottle with glass dropper
Servings Per Container - 96

Ingredient List

Organic Black Walnut Hull, English Lavender Blossom, Orange Peel, Clove, Garlic clove, Male Fern Root, Wormwood Root, Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Yellow Dock Root,, Pumpkin Seed, mB!™ Liquid Trace Mineral base, and a special Aromaceutical™ Blend in a kosher certified vegetable glycerin/purified water TincTract® base.

Suggested Use

Cleansing:  Shake well. 10 drops 3 times daily diluted in pure water or organic juice. Begin with 3 drops, 3 times daily, slowly increasing up to 10 drops. If there are no negative reactions, continue increasing. Consume right before or 30 minutes after meal.  Repeat 14 day phase at least 4 times, with a 1 week break after every phase.

Maintenance/Prevention: 20 drops once or twice weekly diluted in pure water or organic juice.

WARNING:  Not to be used during pregnancy or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. in case of adverse reaction discontinue use immediately. Consult healthcare professional for additional concerns. Store in a cool dry place.

ParaPure™ is made using “Genuine TincTract® Made" Technology in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) compliant facility.  This technology is Kosher certified and is vegan and halal compliant.

Conceived of in 1982 by LoR. Caarl (L. Carl) Robinson, MH, TT, CCHt co-developed (the 1st generation process) with a fellow herbalist & past president of the American Herbalists Guild, the generationally enhanced and improved TincTract® brand process and continues to use all the principles and practices embodied in the TincTract® philosophy.

  • Alcohol is never used in the TincTract® process (Alcohol denatures the bio-active enzymes and other compounds which often makes them inert).
  • Due to utilizing ALL aspects of the TincTract® philosophy & technology, all "Genuine TincTract® Made" products are intrinsically 'steric protected' and very stable. No refrigeration after opening.
  • No preservatives or chemical additives are ever added. Naturally preserved by the glycerin ratios and the TincTract® brand process itself.
  • "Genuine TincTract® Made" products are poly-constituent based. Only whole herb parts are used, so nature’s intended healing benefits are present in their naturally occurring, intrinsic ratio-intact synergy as found naturally in each individual herb.
  • Being liquids, "Genuine TincTracts® Made" products are concentrated, potent, highly absorbable and bio-utilized by the body.

MicroBLAST Polycolloidal Liquid Trace Minerals

The Citritol™ process is a proprietary cutting-edge technological application of colloidal chemistry theory and was developed in 1988 by LoR. Caarl (L. Carl) Robinson.

The Citritol™ process, that results in the innovative mB!™ LTM (Liquid Trace Mineral) base, is a micro-fractionating technology that takes a raw plant source water-soluble polycolloidal liquid trace mineral base (LTM's) and micro-fractionates the complex poly-elemental mineral compounds into even smaller sized compounds, thereby substantially increasing surface area dynamics and hence, their absorption and bioavailability throughout the body.

No toxic chemicals or harsh solvents are used at any time in the Citritol™ microfractionating process. All Citritol™ processed LTM's are Kosher certified and made to standards exceeding FDA cGMP rules & regulations, and are HACCP compliant.

One of the effects of the Citritol™ micro-fractionating process is that what was previously a month's supply of liquid trace minerals in a large 32 ounce container is now reduced to a 2 ounce bottle that contains the same complex mineral particle density as the larger container, except that now the poly-colloidal compounds are many times smaller with the smaller 2 ounce bottle possessing an exponential surface area affect many times that of the mineral content in the previously larger bottle. In other words, the Citritol™ technology makes our LTM's many times more concentrated and potent by making their particle size smaller while maintaining and exponentiating colloidal-based biological viability.

Citritol™ processed mB!™ liquid trace minerals are the basis of our revolutionary energetically programmed polycolloidal liquid trace mineral supplement microBURST!™ technology.

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